Africa Rising Stars Contest

Africa Rising Stars Contest is a new talent hunt project aimed at expanding the creative roof of Africans, infusing fresh ideas into the creative industry and ultimately boosting the Africa economy has been unveiled.

The talent hunt program dubbed: Africa Rising Stars Contest for creatives in the Music, Dance, Comedy, Content Creation, Acting, Modelling, Athletes, Writing and other sectors is the brainchild of Oga Campaign International.

The talent hunt with the vision to discover and nurture raw African talents and showcase them to the world, Africa Rising Stars, has begun accepting entries.

Africa Rising Stars Contest noted that the hunt is aimed at discovering talents and giving them the necessary supports.

We are building the nation as well the future leaders of the creative industry, establishing chain value and creating employment for African youths.

Registration has just begun for eligible applicants who have what it takes to win the $15,000 cash prize and become the next Big Thing in Africa.

Prize/Award: Beyond recognition, one year management contract, media exposure, capacity development, winner gets $15,000 cash prize and other prizes from our partners and sponsors.

Apply: Creatives are to nominate themselves on the nomination portal below with their correct information, please kindly note that nominations are done once, double nomination might be disqualified.

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